New Homepage 2033

We take pride to declare that we are one of the top most schools in the most soughted Manjiri area. We have moulded and sculpted innumerable lives. Venus World Schools stands for affordable quality education. We are one of the top notch CBSE schools located in the most green and serene environment. We firmly believe in “growing and exploring”. We lay strong emphasis on character building and over all development of every child. We strive to instill moral values like Compassion, joy of giving, art of sharing and caring, reverence for all living beings ,honesty and integrity.

The objectives of our school are: a. To spread the message of universal love and harmony. b. To preserve Indian culture and stay rooted. c. To build in self confident individuals who would make this world a better place to live in. Today we are privileged to reveal that we are a CBSE school with strength of nearly 2000 students and our academic staff and our non academic staff amount to nearly…200.We support academic excellence through innovation and motivation