We believe that learning in 21st century needs a collaborative learning environment for developing certain core competencies such as critical thinking, digital literacy and problem solving skills that advocate students to thrive in today’s world. We provide equal opportunities for spiritual, cultural, social and emotional development of child.

VENUS WORLD SCHOOLS open minds school identifies each child as unique in their thought processes, abilities, interests and approaches to learning. We provide an atmosphere where child is allowed discover his own abilities. We want the students to embrace the multitude of opportunities available to express their uniqueness and talent. Teachers create classroom learning environments in which all students are engaged, challenged and feel safe to take risks.

We try to make children discover abilities in them and acquire skills which will be helpful for them in facing challenges arising in future. We look forward to develop our students as visionaries of the future. The school endeavors to deliver high quality educational experiences for social, emotional and behavioral well-being of the students extending everyone equal opportunities to learn.